Un-dependent Meet Up Group

The  purpose of this meet-up group is to practice Kundalini yoga / meditation for healing addictions, addictive behaviours and dependency. Kundalini yoga / meditation  practice rebuilds and strengthens the nervous system and gives a person discipline, changes chemistry of the blood, stimulates the glandular system, relax the person and gives clarity of thoughts. Happiness is not an abstract idea. It is built of the fulfilled realization of the 7 main areas in human life, coordinated by the 7 Chakra energy centers. An imbalance in any of the 7 main areas , causes stress, need for substitutes, dependency. Heal & Recharge yourself with Kundalini Yoga & Meditation! Unwind and wash away all your worries & anxiety!

Energize yourself & elevate your mood!

Experience the power of conscious breathing!

Heal addictions & dependencies quickly & effectively with Kundalini Yoga & Meditation!

Un-dependent is sponsored by Models Against Addictions non-profit foundation. The program is kindly supported by the collaboration of New York City yoga studios’ teachers, such as Kundalini Yoga East Golden Bridge NYC .

Join ourMEET up meetings to practiceKundalini Yoga & Meditation to release your daily stress and become more balanced and peaceful!

Source: http://www.meetup.com/Un-dependent/