In July 2011 Asia participates in a Health /Addiction Awareness Fair in Harlem NYC. She inform, educate and encourage people take a self-test for addiction and refer them to outpatient programs for recovery 

Did you know that each night more than 700,000 people in the USA are homeless, and have no secure place to sleep?

In the Project Renewal Shelters for homeless / Chemical Dependency Program, Harlem, New York in  2011 Asia Janina Dyrkacz ,the founder of Models Against Addiction foundation has dedicated her expertise, time & energy as a devoted volunteer.  She coached meditation in group addiction recovery therapies.

The project provided weekly practice sessions for a period of 2 months in the Half Way Houses and Shelters. All participants confirmed very positive impact of the Meditation practice  combine with spirtual therapy .

National researches conducted over a decade in the US, show that meditation practices lead to :

  • Improved executive functioning:
  • improved self-control and self-awareness
  • improved attention skills 
  • Reduced stress and anxiety: 
  • Decreased anxiety 
  • Decreased blood pressure 
  • Reduced misbehavior/aggression
  • Improved attention skills and social skills 
  • Increased positive emotions