Oleksandra Nova

Model / Co-Founder of Elan Azure – online fashion, fitness and lifestyle magazine  /Studied Finance at Quinlan School of Business: Loyola University Chicago  /Owner of Wolford Construction LLC,  

She migrated to United States in 2001 from Ukraine. Having more opportunity to be exposed to the beauty industry, she begun to wonder what is it like to be a model and to stand before the camera. But she felt that modeling for her was out of reach because the thoughts of “I am not good enough” consumed her confidence. However, lessons of life have taught her that she deserves a chance to try and do what her heart desires. It wasn’t easy to overcome her state of mind at that time, but with hard work on finding belief, and learning to reject fear, Oleksandra decided not to step forward and give her dreams a chance.

When she was a little girl, she dreamed of being a creative director and fashion designer. She entered beauty industry at an early age of 15 by working in beauty salons.  There, she developed deep interest of the business, and gained knowledge on hair styling, makeup and skincare products. Since then, Oleksandra has fallen in love with the epitome of pure, feminine beauty, and decided to explore the art of modeling, styling and fashion design. Today, Oleksandra creates her own pieces and is planning to build a brand. Through out years, she developed diverse sense of style and utilizing her blog, she hopes to influence women and to waken their unique confidence and inner beauty.

“My goal in fashion blogging is to deliver information and creative ideas which will inspire women, and maybe even provoke them to bring happiness into their lives. I feel so blessed that I made a move on my life to built confidence within me and do what I dreamed of.  It is extremely important to give back to the world so I hope my efforts will reach and influence those who want to live their dream.”