NULLA by Kesic Petrushevski

Fashion Design

The only way to describe the non-value of nothingness is by referring to the absolute value of everythingness. The concept of “nothing” is a symbolic placeholder that really means “the connection between”. It is the point of “roll over” in a system, a new start.

The brand name derives from NULLUS in Latin, literally meaning “not any”.

NULLA’s clothes have transmuted from simplest geometric forms. They come from no place, no time, no tradition, carrying the essence of timeless style. Flowing and stable architectural minimalistic silhouettes intriguingly expand through functional details. The achromatic landscape is surprisingly defined by colorful bursts. The goal is to discover functionality in its most provocative forms and to create sophisticated modern classic and unisex clothes for brave individuals.

The NULLA label is born from the collaboration of designers Jelena Kesic and Bojan Petrushevski.  In their joint work they combine Jelena’s sophisticated sense for clean silhouettes with Bojan’s playful manipulation of forms and details. Experience and successful teamwork is a guarantee for their new label NULLA, for a new beginning at the end of the Noughties.