Eleonora Genieve d’Gray

Artistic Director of Runway Magazine / Producer of Runway Fashion TV / Founder of Paris Fashion Academy Award / Public Relations Professional Specialized in Fashion

Eleonora has a whole new vision for Runway Magazine. “Runway magazine is about to get a new lease on life, yes it not only requires convenience, high tempo and fashion but also demanding quality, a sense of beauty, comfort and concern for culture. An ultra-refined design philosophy, elegant full-color printing and imported paper binding give readers and advertisers a truly high-value return”

Eleonora has written for several European and American magazines.  An International Fashion and Life Style Editor of Mode Life Style Magazine and TV Channel.  Mode Lifestyle Magazine (US, Florida, Miami Beach). FVM Global Magazine (US, California, Los Angeles)

She started to work in fashion industry like a model since my 16, had successful career with Metropolitan modeling agency in New York. She has been the face of many perfume and cosmetic brands.

For the last 5 years she is continuing to work in fashion public relations, communication, organizer of fashion shows and events, Art Director and Fashion Editor of American and European magazines.

Since 2008 until present Eleonora de Gray is founder of Paris Fashion Academy Award – annual Fashion Award Ceremony in Paris for International designers. This event is hosted at the most famous social events in Paris such as Le Bal de Paris.

In 2008, the Paris Fashion Academy Award was presented by Pierre Cardin, in 2009, by Jean Claude Jitrois, Ambassador of Fashion and Tourism for Paris. From 2010 Paris Fashion Academy is under patronage of French Minister of Culture Frederic Mitterrand. From 2011 EDG is in partnership with Galleries La Fayette Group.

Eleonora Genieve de Gray – Specializes in communications and public Relations specialized in organization of luxury events, Presentations and fashion shows in Paris (France).