Umberto De Martino

Music Composer / Indie Pop

REVOX Is a multifaceted band led by composer Umberto de Martino who has surrounded himself with a wonderful collective of diverse and creative friends: musicians, singers, DJ, graphic designers and a gifted team of producers.

Mainly influenced by 70’s rock, West Coast FM sound and 80’s UK New Wave, Reevox music is also created from distant sounds & places while fully blending modern electro-pop production.The result is a soulful and elegant Pop Music inherited from the best of the last four decades with a modern vision and a sonic magic that is ready to touch any audience across generations.

Umberto was born in Belgium to a Russian mother and an Italian father. He grew up in Paris and while still a teen-ager began moving between NY and L.A, where he finally settled for several years exploring life and music in California. His long stays in the US enabled him to engage a vast musical culture and find his own true artistic identity. Umberto is a cosmopolitan musician and composer who loves UK and American pop music and is now adding his own unique touch of Soul and style to the sonic revolution and evolution!

Some of Reevox’s many influences are: Bowie, Floyd, Phoenix, Prefab Sprout, MGMT, Beck, Radiohead, Fink, Steely Dan, Boz Scaggs, Doobie Bros, Depeche Mode, Air, Neil Young, Archive, Midlake, Local Native to name a just a few.