Roma Van Der Walt

Personal Trainer / Yoga Teacher / Pre/Post Natal Exercise Specialist / Former Member Of The German National Team For Modern Pentathlon

Roma van der Walt is a former Member of the German national team for Modern Pentathlon who has made her passion her work by becoming a personal trainer and yoga teacher as well as a pre/post natal exercise specialist. She focuses on making exercise fun, diverse and stimulating emotionally and physically to ensure the sustainability of her clients’ progress. She is a firm believer in positive encouragement and working together to help people embrace the joy of healthy living. Roma has practiced many disciplines that she draws from, such as traditional conditioning, cardio, strength, yoga, martial arts, and dance.

Her love for sports has always been deeply rooted in the emotional benefits she drew from it. She jokes that as a half Kenyan she had to run and it always soothed her and gave her clarity. It was an important component of overcoming the loss of two very dear people in her life, her father and later her coach. During her time working in communications for the United Nations, her passion for running came to an end when a stressful office environment caused sciatic pain that made her immobile and she couldn’t walk or sit without immense pain in her left leg. Determined to go back to the sport she loved, and overcoming the emotional stress related symptoms that arose alongside the physical pain, over the next years, Roma worked on healing herself through various new approaches and old remedies which she remembered from her days as an athlete. By today she is 99% pain free.

Roma’s work through the bespoke training company Chitta Wellness is the connection of body and mind for her clients, helping them find joy in movement and healthy nutrition and because of that she wholeheartedly supports ‘Models against Addiction’s’ mission of helping people become un-dependent.