Anna ” The Kid” Rezan Kritseli

Model /Actress/Singer/Filmmaker/ Activist/ Philanthropist

Anna ”The Kid” Rezan is a model, actress, singer, filmmaker, activist and philanthropist. She was born in Athens, Greece in 1992 to parents, Eva Mathilde Kalamara a Jewish lawyer who also studied acting and Fotis Kritselis, a Greek from Izmir , Peloponnese and Crete who was a federal judge but wanted to have been a director. She loved to perform ever since she was a little girl and she started studying dance and music at the age of 4.Her first time on stage was at the age of 11, starring in a Musical Show to benefit the people of Cyprus, and she started her career in films at the age of 14. With her long hair, beautiful body and exotic grey, blue,green eyes, she represented her country in “Miss European Union” in Rome and started to work as a fashion model. But the Greek Jew beauty is more known for her considerable talents and unique personality. In 2009 she packed a bag, with few things, beliefs and a few “bucks”, she moved to the USA, and within a week she covered for “Neo” magazine that wrote about her “The girl that got inspired by Disney movies and decided to perform, to put a smile on people’s faces, is here to stay n shine.” Dancing ,singing, acting in films and theatrical productions, comedy, romance, period pieces, modeling, runways, campaigns, singing and songwriting,ads, sometimes producing and always supporting good causes,being an activist and while she now holds a BA in Journalism. In 2010 she co starred “La commedia di Amos Poe” with Roberto Benigni,in “Love at First Sight”,"ShowBitch"and “Katharsis” .In 2011 we started to see her in titles like “Cosmopolitan” and “MarieClaire” and she was amongst Top of the World’s young beautiful and talented actors and actresses on IMDB.In 2012 she worked for the first time with Italian director Paolo Genovese in his comedy feature "Immature:Il Viaggio" and soon after,she wore “Cartier” for the company’s advertorial in Greece.Then,in 2013 we listened her debut song “Let there be rain” on CBS’ favorite radio show and after completing a public service documentary in LA.She greeted 2014 by strating the runway as a special guest at the 4th J’adore la mode Gala to benefit the Evoluer House in Philly…wearing haute couture by the royalty of fashion,Kithe Brewster and spend time in Milan,Italy acting in Genovese's film "Sei mai state sulla luna?".In the beginning of 2015 she starred in Asteris Kutulas new movie "Dance Fight Love,With Mikis Theodorakis on the road" and reunited with Amos Poe,in NYC,where they created a public service video,to raise awareness of health issues. Anna supports WWF, GreenPeace, Action Aid and she is the Founder of LovebringsLove organization, believing that from every blessing we people get we should also give, and that in a continuous “give and receive” of Love in all its forms is what is making this world a beautiful healthy place to be.” Because Love brings Love and it is the greatest power of all.