Alan Steinfeld

Alan Steinfeld Healer / Spiritual Talk Show Host / Founder of "New Realities "

NewRealities started as a dream to be everywhere all the time.  With the evolution of consciousness going on in the world, this website is way of being in touch with it all.

This site is inslired by 3 major passions:
1) My compulsion to know everyone and be a part of everything.
2) My huge thirst for knowledge.
3) My the desire to share what I have learned with all those like-minded people who will listen and open to new realities.

“It all began in high school, when I felt left out of some of what was going on. From then on I was determined to know what is going on in all realms of life. My keen interest in mind, body, spirit focused me in the direction of greater consciousness.  Now my staff and I are constantly combing the city and the net  for events, articles, interviews and people that will uplift, heal and evolve our beautiful community here.”

Alan Steinfeld, NewRealities, Founder