Asia Janina Dyrkacz and Meret Hulliger are pleased to introduce you to Models Against Addictions (501)(C)(3) Foundation. Being involved in the modeling world, we have experienced a fascinating and exciting life. Yet  we both had a yearning to explore a deeper meaning of life and than we discovered Yoga and Meditation. This magnificent ancient Eastern knowledge helped us to find balance & happiness in our life, that we feel compelled to share. We are conscious of the global impact that models and the fashion industry have on our society and because of that we decided to form Models Against Addictions. All Models are welcome to join Models Against Addictions (MAA) on the journey of self-discovery and spiritual growth!

Asia Janina DyrkaczFounder / CEO /Model /  Meditation Coach / Addiction Counselor

THE ADDICTION of my father took away my childhood and his life ...

THE ADDICTION of my kids stopped them to continue their education...

THE ADDICTION of my soul mate destroyed the ability to trust & love...

THE ADDICTION of my brother took away his life...

My addictions have prevented me from a conscious and balanced life 

We are transcending to a place where addictions can be treated with more compassion and love,.

 I would like to change the stigma and raise the awareness of addictions within our society and be supportive to in recovery with holistic practices."

As a Model  Asia has  experienced an unusual and fascinating career. She started modeling relatively late, at age 40 with Elite Model Management. Asia has walked runways in Paris for brand such as Hermes. She was seen in various commercials for BMW,  Target, and TV shows such as Sex and the City and 30 Rock. She has appeared in Marie Claire, Oprah Magazine and many more

As an Alcoholism and Substance Abuse Counselor, she has developed a deeper understanding of the intricacies, causes & treatment alternatives for addictions. She has volunteered in the Chemical Dependency Program in Harlem and Project Renewal Shelters, introducing meditation for homeless and in halfway houses.                                                                                                                                                 

As a Meditation Coach, Asia has made several pilgrimages to Rehabilitation/Ashram centers in India to study and practice Eastern techniques and treatments, including Vipassana – 10 day silent meditation. She  is certified  from Super Health, a system of Yogic Sciences for breaking addictive habits and behaviors. 


Meret Hulliger Co-founder /Fashion Model / Certified Yoga Instructor / Catwalk Coach / Certified Alternative Practitioner

Meret is the founder of IM Yoga. A modeling job has brought her to New York, where she discovered yoga 15 years ago. She has been living in her favorite city of the world for 8 years. Since then yoga has become her best tool to keep her body fit, her mind calm and her emotions in balance.

As an international fashion model, Meret traveled the world for many years. Besides high heels, make-up and her portfolio book, one staple she always carried with her was her yoga mat. Through her extensive travels, she was exposed to many different yoga styles, teachers and the local cultures and traditions surrounding them.

Meret completed a 200-hour Yoga Alliance certified Vinyasa/Ashtanga teacher training in Ubud, Bali. The previous year, she also completed her training in holistic complimentary medicine and passed her exams as a certified alternative practitioner. This additional medical training, combined with her yoga teaching skills, gives Meret a unique awareness and understanding of the human body and how to adapt the practice especially for people with injuries.

Since 2011 Meret has been living and working in Europe.